Strategic Product Marketing Workshops to Successfully Bring Products to Market

Strategic Product Marketing workshops are in-house events that aim to kick-start the MRD (Market Requirements Document) process for a particular product or service.

The workshop works best when the product is in its early stages of development or appears to be stuck in regards to its adoption. The Strategic Product Marketing workshop will be led by a Magic Monkey Moderator.

With a Magic Monkey Strategic Product Marketing workshop, your team will learn how to successfully bring a product to market. Strategic product marketing is vital to the successful selling of any commodity. It helps companies pinpoint the USPs of their product, target the right demographic groups as customers, choose the perfect product marketing techniques to reach those groups, and execute their campaign effectively.

With Magic Monkey’s Strategic Product Marketing workshops, you can learn how to get every one of these components right.

Workshop Duration: 1 Day

Strategic Product Marketing Workshop Outline

Part 1: Introduction to Product Marketing and MRD

To kickoff the workshop, I’ll run through all the product marketing basics that your team require to successfully launch a product and purposefully disrupt the market. After we’ve covered the product marketing basics, I’ll tackle advanced product marketing strategy and techniques.

The team will be introduced to the concept of the MRD (Market Requirements Document) which looks at 60 potential issues that may need to be reviewed before a product launch. All 60 won’t apply to every product but it’s important that the team understand all the potential issues and are able to identify which ones apply to their product.

The MRD document will explain:

  • The (new) product being launched
  • Who the target customers are
  • What products are in competition with this new product
  • USPs (Unique Selling Points) as to why customers are likely to want this product

Part 2: How to Create a MRD to Bring a Product to Market

In the second half of the Strategic Product Marketing seminar, I’ll teach teams to create a MRD for their product. Taking a specific product, the team will walk through the MRD Checklist and determine:

1. Which aspects will need to be addressed in the MRD.

2. What measures will be used to gather information to complete each chosen aspect of the MRD.

The workshop will cover how to make strategic decisions for product marketing campaigns once the foundations have been laid. The advantages and disadvantages of using market research and focus groups will be discussed, and the processes for setting realistic profit targets, promotion mediums that fit your budget and distribution methods.

Why Should I Attend a Workshop?

When you book onto one of my Strategic Product Marketing workshops for SMEs, your team can benefit from my 27 years of expertise in bringing products to market. My knowledge and experience in product marketing is second-to-none. If you already have a product in the early stages of development, then you qualify for a Magic Monkey seminar where SMEs can learn my skills and formula for success.

Who Are The Workshops For?

Strategic Product Marketing workshops are suitable for product teams that are bringing a product to market and don’t have a process to evaluate what needs to be done to ensure its successful launch. Attendees are often both public and corporate management teams.

What Will I Leave With?

  • A solid understanding of the MRD Process.
  • An MRD template and Checklist for a chosen product.

Magic Monkey workshops are formulated around the experience, knowledge and skills of me, CEO Annie Brooking. My expertise in strategic marketing and intangible assets can propel your company to product marketing success. Get in touch today and discuss how a strategic product marketing workshop could help in building your company’s future.

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