Strategic Product Marketing for Product Managers and Start-Up Teams

Strategic Product Marketing seminars walk you through how to market a product. Bringing products and services to market is a complex task. Successfully bringing a product to market requires a strong and broad skill set. These skills span technology, intellectual property, strategic and tactical marketing, forecasting, working with users, customers, engineering, sales, support, finance teams, social media and more.

If the technology or product is disruptive, product marketing is doubly hard and more costly. Fortunately, my Strategic Product Marketing seminars are here to get your team on track. I’ll equip them with the formidable skill set needed to successfully market a product. I’ve brought over 19 new and disruptive products to market, including industry-firsts, so your team will be in capable hands.

The Strategic Product Marketing seminar introduces participants to the MRD (Market Requirements Document) and runs through product marketing basics. I will familiarise them with the “70 skills” a great product manager might need that need to be considered during the life of the product or service. Participants will then run through the MRD Checklist which they can use with their product or service. The end result is an action plan and timetable to successfully market a product.

How Strategic Product Marketing Works

Target Market

A key component of strategic product marketing is the selection of a target market. The targeted market is a specific demographic group defined by age range, social class, gender and other factors. Developing an understanding of your customers’ situation and emotion is essential to meet their needs.


Strategic product marketing begins with the core function of the product. This is the key benefit that the product offers to consumers. From there, an accurate product description must be formulated, detailing its various features and how it stands out from its competitors. The augmented product function consists of additional services that can be bolted on to the product, like a warranty or free shipping.

Strategy Decisions

The process of product marketing then moves through a number of decisions that have to be made, often with the assistance of focus groups and market research. These decisions involve profit targets, pricing, promotion mediums (advertising, public relations, coupons) and distribution.


The benefits for a company of executing a well-planned marketing strategy include a secure place in the market, increased sales and greater profits. When companies target the right customers, offering products at an appropriate price, they will experience superior results over companies that are less rigorous. A product marketing strategy will be more successful if marketing is executed through the right distribution channels, ensuring the promotions reach the target market.


Companies should factor in the life cycle of their products when developing the product marketing strategy. This involves the introduction, growth, peak and decline stages the product will go through. As the value of a product depreciates over time, it is up to corporate management teams to add product lines to extend a product’s life cycle.

With Strategic Product Marketing workshops, you can access expert guidance and consulting on how to bring a product to market from me, Annie Brooking. I’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills to improve your approach to strategic product marketing. Learn how to target, plan and execute your product marketing strategies as an SME more effectively, to achieve greater results, dominate your market space and boost profits.

Who Are Strategic Product Marketing Seminars For?

Strategic Product Marketing seminars are for product managers, start-up teams, entrepreneurs and anyone who is in the process of bringing their first product to market. The seminars cover product marketing basics and advanced knowledge needed to market a product.

Strategic Product Marketing consultancy are suitable for CEOs and managers who want to beef up the product team and have an independent assessment of their product to market process. I work on a one-to-one with you to review and assess your product marketing strategy.

What Will I Leave With?

  • Seminar attendees will leave with knowledge of a process to bring a product to market.
  • Seminar materials.

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