Downloads and Resources

Hello, Welcome to my Downloads page. Below are my free documents and guides that mostly cover topics in strategic product marketing and managing and growing valuable company assets in our digital age.  Many are “How to” guides in simple steps.

I hope you find them helpful.


The Void and the Chasm: Planning and Developing Products that use Disruptive Technology

This download references the ground breaking work of Geoffrey A Moore who write the definitive marketing strategy book “Crossing the Chasm” I 1991. Moore points out that when bringing new products to market (notably in the tech sector) that there is a “Chasm” in their early life they need to cross before getting into mainstream markets. This paper introduces another hurdle products need to avoid “The VOID” which is typical of disruptive products that fail to make it to mass market and sets out a method to avoid the VOID.

10 Steps to a Really Useful Competitive Analysis

This download walks the reader through a process that ends up with a clear analysis of a products’ features compared with those of its competitors which is represented in a simple matrix.

A Fresh Look at Intellectual Capital

In March 1989 Sir Tim Berners conceived the World Wide Web which set the stage for the Digital Economy and the birth of millions of companies whose value was not in physical (tangible) assets. In 1996 I wrote the first book on Intellectual Capital which sets out a method to identify and grow intangible assets in a company. Today there are companies that ONLY have intangible assets, such as those in the Digital Economy. This small download introduces The Dream Ticket method a strategy for designing companies three to five years in the future.

Ten Things you must do before launching a New Product

This download is a checklist for marketing professionals to make sure that the launch of a new product goes smoothly.

How to Name a Product: The Ultimate Guide

This download looks at how to name a new product, surely one of the most fun, yet difficult tasks for a product team. It also includes 10 self-test questions a good product name ought to pass.

60 Skills of a Great Product Manager

A product manager is probably the most difficult yet rewarding job in a company, and great training for people who aspire to be a CEO. Strategic Product Management is not done particularly well in Europe whilst our American colleagues value someone with such a diverse set of skills This download sets out the 60 skills a product manager may need to have to manage a product from its birth to its death.

MVP Checklist

The MVP (Minimal Viable Product) Checklist is a download that sets out 30 things that need to be done to ensure a MVP is launched.

20 Steps to Defining the MVP (minimal Viable Product)

This download is used in conjunction with the MVP Checklist. It sets out the steps that a product manager needs to take in order to ensure that the MVP has been properly specified.

The MRD Market requirements Document

The MRD is a download that I have developed over the last 20 years. It’s is the document that should be written by the product manager before a decision is made to bring a new product to market. It covers all aspects of product, market, lifecycle, competition, intellectual property an much more. In compiling the MRD the product manager is led through a process that enables him to determine what a proposed product has to comply with to be successful.

Ten Steps to build a Corporate Memory

Is it the case that your most valuable assets walk out of the door every night? At weekends do they go sky diving or rally driving or engage in other life threatening pursuits? This download explains the need for all companies to build a corporate memory. Using a simple 10 step process and spider diagrams companies can work with colleagues to identify skills that may be unique and valuable in the company and make plans to protect and grow them.