Your Dream Ticket™ to a Successful Business

Is it part of your job to write a business plan projecting sales three to five years into the future?

Have you ever thought that this is an impossible task – yet you have to buckle down and get on with it?

Does it frustrate you that despite all their best efforts your company or team repeatedly fail to hit their business goals?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes!” you need a Dream Ticket™.

My Dream Ticket™ methodology catapults you into the future supporting you to visualise your business as it will be when it’s successful.

The secret is in identifying the set of intangible assets that need to be grown and nurtured to create the environment that will enable your business to be a success. This is your Dream Ticket™.

Your Dream Ticket™ will be a set of affirmations relating to four categories of intangible assets:

What might be on my Dream Ticket™?

  • Market Assets – these are assets that give a business power in the marketplace such as company names, brands, brand recognition, customer loyalty and more.
  • Intellectual Property Assets – these are assets “of the mind” that are legally protectable such as patents, copyright, design rights, and trademarks.
  • Infrastructure Assets – these are the systems and procedures that make a company “strong” such as corporate culture, IT systems, databases, standards various legal agreements and many more.
  • Human Centred Assets – these are the assets the company enjoys by way of the employees and people the company works with such as knowledge, attitude, creativity, the work related competencies of the employees and so forth.

Our Dream Ticket™ services come in three different forms:

  1. The Dream Ticket™ Seminar – these are seminars open to the public or run for a network of companies, frequently free where attendees from different companies come for an introduction to the Dream Ticket™ concept.
  2. Dream Ticket™ Workshops – these are in –house workshops that typically take half to a full day where a group or team brainstorm their own Dream Ticket™ to achieve corporate goals.
  3. Dream Ticket™ Consulting – Following on from the Dream Ticket™ Workshop we help your team to implement measures identified in the workshop and validate that business goals are on track to be achieved.

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