Dream Ticket™ Seminar


A Dream Ticket™ seminar is a one hour event that will introduce you to the concept of Business Visualisation by way of identifying critical intangible assets that your business may need to include in your Dream Ticket™. We also walk you through the 10 steps to create a Dream Ticket™.

You will be introduced to the four categories of assets from which around 25 to 35 will be relevant to your Dream Ticket™.


  • Market Assets – these are assets that give a business power in the marketplace such as company names, brands, brand recognition, customer loyalty and many more.
  • Intellectual Property Assets – these are assets “of the mind” that are legally protectable such as patents, trademarks and copyright and more.
  • Infrastructure Assets – these are the systems and procedures that give a company its operating strength. These are typically systems, standards and many more.
  • Human Centred Assets – these are the assets provided by the skills and knowledge of employees and contractors such as market knowledge, work competencies, creativity and more.

You will see how the set of assets chosen for a particular Dream Ticket™ can be strengthened over time using measures to create the environment where business goals can be achieved.

You will walk through a case study spanning a six year period watching a live Dream Ticket™ as it changes over time and see first-hand how to create a healthy business environment for your company to grow.

See what previous attendees have said…

“I recently attended one of Annie’s Dream Ticket workshops. I was really impressed with her methodology for helping business leaders visualise what success looks like for them in the future as a set of measurable outcomes, and then helping them figure out what they need to do to move towards those outcomes progressively.”

Peter Whale, Founder, Vision Formers Ltd www.visionformers.com

“Hearing about the Dream Ticket™ concept was a lightbulb moment for me, on how I could visualise and understand my business progress from the past, the present and on to the future. Looks a valuable process and way to measure progress including to identify the “one important thing” that you must address above all else for your business to succeed.”

− Dr Janette Thomas, AccentBio Ltd.

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