Annie Brooking: Strategic Product Marketer, Business Consultant and Inventor of the Dream Ticket™ Methodology

Annie Brooking is the chief executive officer at Magic Monkey and a leading business consultant. She is a renowned public speaker, with a rich history of bringing high-technology products to market, particularly disruptive technologies. To date, she has successfully brought 19 products to market in Europe and the USA.

In total, Annie has spent more than 27 years as a CEO in several high technology companies in Europe. She specialises in product strategy, bringing products to market, and strategies for growing intangible assets that add value to a business and position it to achieve its corporate goals.

Annie’s Accreditations

Annie has 15 years under her belt as an academic teaching computer science. She founded an Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory at South Bank University. She grew this to 20 people and raised all funds and finance.

Annie was previously a visiting professor at Newcastle University between 2004 and 2006. She taught Strategic Management and Information Systems at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and has been an MBA Mentor at the Judge Business School of Cambridge University.

Summary of Annie’s Achievements:

  • Founded an Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory at South Bank University. Grew it to 20 people and raised all funds and finance.
  • Recruited by Eric Schmidt (now Chairman of Google) to move to Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley as a software strategist.
  • Affiliate at Open University Knowledge Media Institute.
  • Visiting Professor at Newcastle University teaching Software Entrepreneurship.

Past Achievements

  • Advisor to EU Framework Programme for 15 years.
  • Partner Emeritus ET Capital (Venture Capital firm in Cambridge UK).
  • 2015 as CEO of Bactest won Telegraph SME of the year.
  • Mentor to over 60 CEOs wishing to raise venture finance.

Annie’s Publications

Annie is an author of multiple business strategy books. To date, she has written Intellectual Capital and Corporate Memory, which detail her theories about the growing importance of intangible assets and the management of knowledge.

Given that these books were written 20 years ago, Annie’s forward-thinking approach and instinct for predicting the future have really been proved with time.

She is currently working on her third book Dream Ticket™, which will communicate her formula for success in identifying and growing the key intangible assets of a business.

Magic Monkey Workshops and Consultancy

Magic Monkey was founded in 2009 as Annie’s consulting company, from which she advises high-technology companies on what they can do to succeed in taking an idea or prototype to market. She also runs courses and workshops for CEOs and SMEs to learn about how to raise venture finance, how to successfully implement strategic product marketing, and how to use her special Dream Ticket™ approach to get the most out of your company’s intangible assets.

Annie’s background screams success, and her record truly speaks for itself. She is a public speaker and business consultant who knows how to plan and execute business strategies to achieve success. If you use Magic Monkey’s business consulting or workshop services, her expertise will be a priceless asset to your company’s future.

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