Dream Ticket™ Workshops for Management Teams and Investors

Victoria McQueen Managing Partner at Holmes Noble in their Dream Ticket Workshop

A Dream Ticket™ Workshop is a one-day in-house event (or off-site) for management teams. Through a thought shower process guided by a Magic Monkey moderator, we look at what success looks like for your business and how to get there. This business visualisation exercise uses our BIZVIZ™ card deck to generate a set of affirmations that will catapult business thinking into the future. We’ll come up with a Dream Ticket™ designed to achieve your specific business goal.

Workshop Duration: 1 Day


Dream Ticket™ Workshop Outline

Part 1: Evaluate Intangible Assets

You will be introduced to the four categories of intangible assets that make a business strong enough to achieve its business goals. This is followed by a case study.

The four areas of intangible assets we explore are:

  • Market Assets – which give a business power in the market place. These include brands, online communities, repeat business and many more.
  • Intellectual Property Assets – which are assets of the mind protectable in law. These include patents, trademarks, data-base rights, copyright and fresh ideas.
  • Infrastructure Assets – which give a company its operating strength. These are typically systems, ISO standards, IT systems and more.
  • Human Centred Assets – which are assets provided by the skills and knowledge of people. Market knowledge, creativity, sales contacts (black books), work competencies and more.

Part 2: Build a Dream Ticket™

A Dream Ticket™ is typically a set of 25 to 35 affirmations made up from the four groups of assets. These affirmations describe the business as it will be when it is successful in the future.

Having chosen a real business goal, attendees will participate in a business visualisation exercise to:

1. Build a Dream Ticket™ for the chosen goal.

2. Rank each of the assets in the Dream Ticket™ as they stand today (strong [5] to weak [1]).

3. Design a set of measures to strengthen each asset.

4. Estimate the cost of the measures against the company’s budget.

5. Determine if the business goal can be attained with available resources.

Who Are Dream Ticket™ Workshops For?

Dream Ticket™ workshops are for management teams, executive teams at SMEs and investors.

What Will I Leave With?

  • A clear plan to achieve a business goal and a method to review progress against the plan, with the knowledge to determine if the goal can be achieved with the available resources.
  • A follow-up report to include the Dream Ticket™, Target, Measures, Actions and Timetable for review.

Dream Ticket™ workshops are based on a unique concept designed by me, CEO Annie Brooking. My expertise in executing business strategies and evaluating intangible assets are the ticket you need for a successful business. Get in touch today to discuss your company’s Dream Ticket™.

“Annie’s Dream Ticket™ Workshop was a great success in terms of being able to prioritise the pressing issues during a period of significant growth for our business. Dream Ticket is totally unique, which coupled with Annie’s engaging style and mountains of experience, is an extremely powerful tool for any business.”

— Victoria McQueen, Managing Partner Holmes Noble

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