Strategic Product Marketing Consultancy for CEOs and Managers

Magic Monkey’s Strategic Product Marketing consultancy offers you the opportunity to get hands-on input from me, Annie Brooking, a hugely successful CEO and business academic. I have a 27-year history of achieving success as a CEO for high-technology companies in Europe and Silicon Valley. I have successfully launched 19 products to market. I specialise in developing and implementing detailed product marketing strategies for disruptive products.

How Strategic Product Marketing Consultancy Works

Every company is unique, so I offer flexible services to support our clients bringing products to market. I run product marketing basics consultancy sessions for clients developing their first product and advanced product marketing consultancy sessions for clients who have brought products to market before.

My business consultancy sessions are tailored to your needs, depending on your experience, whether there is a product team in place and where the business is in the idea-to-market process. I can lead and manage the MRD process, participate as a team member or mentor and advise.

The MRD Process

The MRD process was developed by me as the result of a need to systematise how to analyse and validate a product and market before spending a single penny on development. Over 60 CEOs have used this method for operational purposes and as the basis for a business plan to raise venture capital.

Clients can also have a product team audit of 60 skills which may be required to bring a product to market, determining:

  • What skills are required in the team to bring the product to market.
  • What skills can best be outsourced.
  • A skills gap analysis.

Who Should Use Strategic Product Marketing Consultancy?

CEOs and managers that want to ramp up their product marketing strategy and improve the product team’s performance. It is also relevant to CEOs and managers who wish to have an independent assessment of their product to market process.

What Will I Leave With?

  • A structured process to bring products to market.
  • A skills audit of the product marketing team.

With my expertise at your disposal, you are in good hands to achieve the potential for success your product has. My track record speaks for itself, and my unique approach to strategic product marketing is an asset to any high-technology company.

What People Say About Annie

I Can Help Your Business Succeed

I work with CEOs, executive teams of SMEs, investors and product development teams including engineers, marketing folks, customer sales and support teams and manufacturers.

No matter what your position is, I have the knowledge you need to take your company to the next level.

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