Make your business profitable with business strategy workshops and consultancy from the UK’s best strategic marketer.

Imagine how it would be to know exactly what to do to ensure the success of your business. With my Dream Ticket™ workshop and business consultancy, you can make it happen.

Visualise your business as successful five years in the future. Now, learn how to create a business strategy to achieve that goal. It’s all possible though my Dream Ticket™ workshop and strategic marketing consultancy.

I’m Annie, an accomplished strategic product marketer and business consultant. With 27 years of experience as CEO of high-technology companies, I know how to disrupt the market and make products a hit. I’ve brought 19 products to market, many of which were industry-firsts.

I have mentored over 60 CEOs on how to raise venture finance, license technology and develop business strategies. I’m an affiliate at Open University Knowledge Media Institute and previously a visiting Professor at Newcastle University teaching Software Entrepreneurship.

Need guaranteed business success? My Dream Ticket™ workshops are your ticket to a business strategy that will achieve your 3 to 5-year goals.

Annie’s Accreditations:

I Can Help Your Business Succeed

Dream Ticket™

Make your business a groundbreaking success with a Dream Ticket™. A Dream Ticket™ is a set of affirmations that catapult business thinking into the future. Tap into your intangible assets including market assets, intellectual property assets, infrastructure assets and human centred assets. Make your business dream a reality.

Product Marketing

Plan and execute the successful transition of an idea or technology into a product or service that will be successful in the marketplace. Magic Monkey has developed an in-house checklist of 60 points to ensure a product explodes the market. Access this and more in a Strategic Product Marketing workshop.

Business Consultancy

Clarify business objectives, develop a business strategy and smash your business goals. Annie has mentored more than 60 CEOs to achieve business success, whether you’re a CEO, product developer, investor or executive team. Learn how to market a product to make a real impact in the marketplace.

Who I Work With

I work with CEOs, executive teams of SMEs, investors and product development teams including engineers, marketing folks, customer sales and support teams and manufacturers.

No matter what your position is, I have the knowledge you need to take your company to the next level.

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